Symbols in Football Betting You Should Keep in Mind

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Symbols in Football Betting You Should Keep in Min
Symbols in football betting are essential knowledge that players need to understand when participating in betting. Terms, jargon, or symbols in football betting are mainly used in this game. Therefore, win tips bet bookmaker will help you summarize the basic and most commonly used symbols in football betting.
Symbols in Football Betting
Symbols in football betting are relatively diverse, and the terms or jargon are words commonly used in this field. Mostly read in English, you need to pay attention to easily understand and apply them when playing or watching your favorite football matches.
These symbols in football betting are not only used in online games but also in live matches. You need to be aware of them to avoid confusion when participating in betting.
Symbols in Asian Handicap Betting
Here are some symbols in Asian Handicap betting that you should note:
Handicap / Asian Handicap: indicates the Asian Handicap odds
Odds: Odds represent the rate (or odds) converted into payable bets
Over/Under: over/under odds or over/under bets
Handicap / Odds: the betting odds for a match provided by the bookmaker list
HT=Half Time: the end of the first half of the match
FT=Full Time: the end of the match, full time
ET=Extra time: extra time in the match
PEN: Penalty kick
CS Bet (Correct Score): betting on the exact match score
Win full: win the entire bet amount
Lose full: lose the entire bet amount
Draw: a tie, neither winning nor losing
Win Half: win half the bet amount
Lose Half: lose half the bet amount
Drawn: neither team favored, the teams play equally
Half Draw: If the match ends in a draw, the Over bet loses half the bet amount. Conversely, if the winning margin is one goal, the Over bet will receive winnings calculated based on the handicap ratio.
Over Bet: betting on the favored team
Under Bet: betting on the underdog team
Symbols in European Handicap Betting
Symbols in European Handicap betting are usually simpler. The higher-rated team will receive less money, and conversely, you only need to know the outcome, draw, over, under.
1 × 2 Odds: indicates European Handicap odds
1: bet on the home team winning
x: bet on both teams drawing
2: bet on the away team winning
1x: bet on the home team or draw
2x: bet on the away team or draw
O: Over, the match result must have more goals than the bookmaker's odds for the player to win the bet.
U: Under, the match result must have fewer goals than the greece betting sites odds for the player to win the bet.
Symbols in Live Betting
Here are some symbols in live betting that are very familiar to players:
CF: stands for a forward player in the match. These positions are often positioned high to limit defensive capabilities. Forward positions include center-forward, versatile forward, support forward, and wing forward. Forward players usually stand near the opponent's goal, and their main task is to score goals for their team and lead their team to victory.
MF: means midfielder in football (referring to players playing below the forwards and above the defenders). A good midfielder is a player with good vision, overseeing the game, creating opportunities for forwards to score goals. The main task of midfielders is to retrieve the ball from the opponent, initiate attacks, and pass the ball to the forwards.
DF: DF in football is understood as a defender. There are two main types of defenders: full-backs and center-backs.
GK: stands for goalkeeper, the last player in the team. The important task of the goalkeeper is to keep the opponent from scoring goals; the goalkeeper is the only player on the field allowed to use their hands to block the ball.
Hat-trick: achieving a good result three times in a match, or another achievement based on a three-time basis. There are other perceptions based on the division into three. In football, it is understood that a team can win three titles in a season called a treble.
Offside: limits the ability of attacking players to run. A player standing in the offside position, but not touching the ball, will not be called offside by the referees.
El Clasico: refers to a football match between two clubs in Spain: Real Madrid - FC Barcelona.
Jargon in Football Betting Often Used
In addition to symbols in football betting, you also need to understand the jargon that betting enthusiasts often use to participate in football betting more easily. These slang terms are frequently used by football bettors, and you need to remember them to predict bets easily, read analyses from professional betting experts.
All in: gather all the capital to bet on a match
Busted: Lose a large bet in a certain betting
Busted: Lose a bet
Bet Under: Bet Under
Play freely: Play in any way, relaxed, without worry
Switching bets: switch to betting on the opposing team when you see that your team is likely to lose
Sweet bet: Good bet, see it and want to bet immediately
Rotten bet: Unattractive bet, not interested, don't want to play.
Mainstream football: A general term for major leagues like Bundesliga, Premier League, World Cup.
Teo/xui bet: intuition that the bet will lose
Mixed: is a type of bet in live betting (Mix-parlay), using a certain amount of money to place multiple bets at the same time to reduce the winning rate on mixed bets, increase the winnings.
Showhand: bet all you have, like all-in
Burst: There will be a goal in the match
Analyze bet/odds: Analyze the match to find the highest winning probability bet.
Go offshore/leave shore: Means that the player has run out of money and is about to be temporarily suspended from online football betting.
Go ashore: Make money after leaving the shore, now continue betting
Blood brothers: players have the same thoughts about a match
Channel cleaning: Play with low odds, usually refers to Over / Under bets when ending 1.15-1.2
Bone spurs: Only bad bets, difficult to win so pass
Chewing bones: know it's hard to eat but still try to stick to it
Oxygen: a bet that is about to lose.
All in: gather all the capital to bet on a match
Busted: Lose a large bet in a certain betting
Burned acc: Bet account out of money
Grassroots: only small football tournaments, few people care about and know
Stagnant: Boring match, dull; no goals, unexpected situations, breakthroughs, lack of hot passes
This article
has provided symbols in football betting for you, hoping you can remember and apply them in each of your bets. With what we have shared, we hope they will bring you truly great experiences in the entertainment playground. Wish you all have a great time!
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